Hi, this is Chris and Pete Lloyd and we are cycling to China. At least that is the plan. Whether we will get there is questionable but we are going to have fun trying and hopefully have some adventures along the way which we hope to share with you through this blog.

We have dreamed of doing this trip for a long time and last year did a “practice route” when we cycled from Greece to Hallbankgate. We had a thoroughly wonderful time and decided that we were hooked on the freedom and excitement of bicycle touring. We have great bikes and despite a few aches and pains our legs are fairly strong, our combined brains are still able to read a map if it isn’t upside down, and so we feel almost qualified to get going.
We are calling our trip The Wall to Wall as we are going to start  on Hadrian’s Wall which is close to where we live and end somewhere along the Great Wall of China. We hope we can cycle the whole way, although we will have to get a ferry across the Caspian Sea as neither of us are very strong swimmers.

On a more philosophical note we want to do this so we can to extend a hand of friendship to those we meet along the way. The world seems a troubled place at the moment and many of our fellow humans are doing this trip the other way round in an attempt to find a better and safer life. We are so fortunate to be doing this journey because we want to and not because we have to and we have a hope that it will help us to understand in some small way what is going on in our world and what makes us all tick.

Thank you for looking at the site and please share in our journey and any thoughts, comments or questions are very welcome.