Magic lantern shows

We have been asked to talk about our trip and show some more of our photos so we have arranged two shows.

One in Hallbankgate and one in Carlisle.


Saturday 13th July at the Hallbankgate Lacy Thompson Hall at 7.00pm

There will be a bar selling wine, beer and soft drinks. Seating will be informal – café style. We will cycle at breath taking speeds through 15 countries in the first hour and hopefully arrive at the Great Wall of China and then after an interval we will amble more slowly south through Laos, Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore from where we’ll gently float back to England. Then it’s over to you and we’ll try to answer whatever questions you want to throw at us.

There will be a box for donations which will go towards a new ‘catering size’ microwave for Hallbankgate Hub.


Friday 19th July at The Cornerstone Café.

62-66 Denton St Carlisle CA2 5EH at 7.00pm

Teas and coffee will be on sale. The evening will kick off at 7.00pm with a talk by Sam about his electric bike conversion which has unintentionally become his second car and has already done over 2300 miles. After an interval, at 8.00pm we will take you on a whistle-stop, hair raising ride through 15 countries from Hadrian’s Wall to the Great Wall of China. There will then be an opportunity for questions.

We’ve been home over a month now and this is a great chance to get to see and thank some people who contributed to this blog and kept our spirits up with their comments.

Pete couldnt get his sundial watch to work…..

These talks are obviously aimed at local people but if you’re further away and feel like jumping on your bike or even jumping in your car to come and see us – don’t hesitate, there’s a bed waiting for you here!

Warmest wishes to all our friends, Peter and Christine


    1. Maggie Renton says:

      Welcome home you two, it must be very strange being in the same place for so long, I wonder if you’re busy planning another trip.
      Thank you for letting us know about your talks, sadly we’ve missed them because we’ve been sea kayaking in Scotland, will there be any others planned for the Autumn ?
      Your blog was so well written you should consider writing a book, we’ll miss following your exploits and adventures.
      Enjoy the garden and catching up with everyone.
      All the best,
      Maggie and Dave

  1. Bernard T says:

    Ahh….. so it begins! I feel Radio 4 beckoning at some point!!

    I’d LOVE to come up for one of the talks, but sadly it’s Norma’s (surprise) 70th birthday bash this weekend and also the start of this year’s 10 day Uckfield Festival, so it’s not going to be logistically possible.

    Shame. Hope it all goes well

    1. Marianne McAleer says:

      Oh yeeeeess!!! Radio Four!!!!

  2. David Nightingale says:

    Welcome back to Cumbria Chris and Pete.
    I hope that you are beginning to find your ‘home legs’ again!

    I’d love to see your pics and hear your tales … so will try to get to one of the talks later this month.

    Best wishes

    David Nightingale

  3. Helen Robinson says:

    I’d love to come but sadly, I’m in Saudi and working. Perhaps you could record it for those of us who can’t make it? Reckon The One Show would be interested?!

  4. Alison and Tony Gash says:

    Hi Pete and Chris
    We are very much looking forward to seeing and hearing about your many experiences. Alison and Tony

  5. Frances Grier says:

    Dear Chris and Pete

    I so miss your blog posts, and wish I could come up to one of your talks this month, but sadly I have (cycling!) engagements on both of these weekends already. I know we will meet again though some time ahead and we will swap plenty of stories then, as I feel I know you from your writing far better than the brief hours we spent together suggest. Meantime, welcome home, and I hope that you are enjoying the ease and tranquility of life in one place as much as I have been – as well as regular showering and clean clothes which still seems like something of a luxury!

    I am sure everyone will be absolutely fascinated by the stories you will tell them this week and next, and your characteristic humour, perspective, and thoughtful insight will open everyone’s eyes to your experiences on the road.

    Until we meet again, much love, and huge, huge congratulations on completing a truly remarkable journey.


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