“They’re funny things. Accidents. You never have them ’till you’re having them.”

A.A. Milne



Relatively speaking.

Nearly 2000 kms cycled at a sedate 55 kms a day. Then off into the sky flying over the Danube. A short pause in Amsterdam and we were back in Newcastle. Our speed was probably 100 times faster. 

On our way home

Private ambulances, wheelchairs and three aircraft seats to myself on the plane – still not exactly comfortable. I love and I hate flying – the power and the aerodynamics that lift all those people and their bags off the ground always amazes me and the meandering rivers and mosaic of fields is awesome. But why? Why does everyone have to get everywhere so quickly? 


The Danube

Things people have said:

  • Did you see the pandas in China? – Our 3-year-old granddaughter.
  • If you need any help. Just call.
  • Life’s like that. Always complications. Like busting a leg so you can give up biking for Lent.
  • My friend broke his hip 5 years ago when he came off his bike on black ice. Last year he climbed 31,000 feet in one day on his bike in the Alps.
  • Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
  • “Oh, what a shame”. KLM stewardess who then gave us a bottle of champagne.
  • You can use my car whenever you want.
  • Yield not to calamity but face it boldly.

Things Pete has said:

  • Ouch, that hurts. – on being thrown into an ambulance.
  • Where are Jude and Astrid when you need them? – paramedic/cycling friends.
  • Spam for breakfast and spam for tea. I don’t really like Spam.
  • When can I get back on my bike?
  • How did they get that nail in there? – on seeing the x-rays
  • I now know why they call patients, patients.
  • Why aren’t there 13 months in a year?
  • I need lots of chocolate because I’m anaemic.

It was good to slot into our NHS. We have a fantastic health service. And the upshot? Well, the repair is a good one. There have been no complications and it’s looking like 6 weeks to weight bearing and then 4 to 6 months back to normal.

Good medicine
Hospital food

Our bikes are still in Hungary but the insurance company have assured us that they will be following us home at a more sedate pace.

And then? We are going to have another go. We have had a setback but we will get going again.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes. The world is full of good people.


I don’t feel very much like Pooh today”, said Pooh.

There, there”, said Piglet.” I will bring you tea and honey till you do”.


Thank you for all the tea and honey.  Pete and Chris



  1. Bob and Eeke says:

    Thank goodness you have a house and a great community to come back to.
    Wishing you a speedy and total recovery!

  2. Julienne says:

    So pleased you have had a good “repair”, back home and more comfortable. Glad you still feel like posting on this blog, hope to hear more about your progress and next attempt. Having been to the Wall at the other end (the lazy way) I am looking forward to seeing you there!!

  3. anthony farrell says:

    Whether you try again or not you achieved a lot and had a fantastic experience including the casevac phase. Your insurance seems to have worked well. It is nice to hear your good words for our excellent NHS, it is good and copes well although it was not too clear where the photo of the hospital meal was taken, it did not look too English. Recently in the Cumberland news there was an article about some motor cyclists who rode the silk road by motorbike, not half as challenging as your adventure. Sorry about your bikes but I hope they reach you, intact, soon.
    Well done and congratulations on a magnificent effort.

  4. Warwick Bridge Primary School says:

    Dear Peter so sorry to hear about your fall.
    We have enjoyed hearing all about your travels through reading the blog.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery from everyone at Warwick Bridge Primary School.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Sorry to hear you have had to give up on your great enterprise. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to the bikes – when they catch up with you.

  6. Henry Swan says:

    Thank goodness you are on the mend Peter … my warm regards to you and Chris

  7. Pat says:

    We hope you are recovering well Pete.
    Think about you often .
    Red wine and honey will help ?

    Best wishes
    Pat and Eddie x

    1. Thanks very much Pat. Red wine and honey (not together!) are definitely helping slowly but surely.

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