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Tbilisi 9th May 2018
We were full of trepidation as we headed down to the Chinese Embassy in Tbilisi this morning. Memories of waiting for exam results; finding out whether you had passed your driving test; whether you had won first prize for your lemon curd in the Village Show- memories came flooding back of other anxious moments throughout our lives.

Last night’s rain had cleared the air and we waited with a new set of people. Michael, a fellow cyclist, showed up and told us a French couple had been refused visas…

The queue was quiet and no one looking one another in the eye. The door popped open and there was the smiling Mr Tomorrow Tomorrow the security guard so called because when we first asked him when the consular office was open he didn’t know how to say in English, the day after tomorrow and just said, tomorrow tomorrow. He is a big man and very smiley anyway so when he looked at us and beckoned us in we didn’t know if he was imparting good news or trying to soften the blow.

In fear and trembling we approached the desk and were told…….. drum roll and 2 minute pause
We got them!!!

Thank you to the lovely staff in the Chinese Embassy in Tbilisi. You have made us very happy !

We’re on our way!


  1. Heather says:

    Woo hoo! I’m so happy for you as was feeling quite worried after your last blog. What a relief!

  2. Hilary & Tim says:

    That is great news – we are so pleased for you so that you can continue your epic journey to the Great Wall. Needless to say, we look forward to reading your future blogs with at least as much anticipation as we have read all your blogs so far. Take care and good luck.

  3. Pat says:

    Fantastic !
    Onwards to China , and more wonderful blogs to look forward to.Happy cycling , and adventures . Pat and Eddie

  4. Paul Harrison says:

    Great news indeed! Your journey gets more and more exotic, but there’s a constant underlying theme of receiving kindness from strangers. I am sure China will be exciting and this lovely theme will continue. Love to you both, Paul.

  5. Renee says:


  6. Fiona McElhinney says:


  7. eileen norman says:

    Hooray!! Onwards. . . .

  8. Katy says:

    Great news. Looking forward to hearing about more adventures. Happy and safe travelling!

  9. Excellent – congratulations guys – you certainly deserve it!! xx

  10. Justina says:

    You are epic, guys!!! Warm warm greetings and good luck!

  11. Daphne Roberts says:

    Oh what good news! Well done indeed. Good luck with the next leg of the trip and thanks for a great blog about Georgia. It is a testament to you both that you have met with such kindness along the way – long may it continue. With love and best wishes from Daphne & Mark

  12. Randy says:

    Fantastic! Off to the wall!

  13. Ian Ludlam says:

    Fantastic news. Well done! I look forward to reading your future blogs

  14. Joyce Clark says:

    Bravo! We have followed the Saga of your Odyssey with jaw dropping amazement!!!! Great stuff. Joyce & Hugh c.

  15. Peter crompton cockermouth says:

    Happy for you. Heard about you by chance when I cycled into the community cafe in hallbankgate. Same age as you so thinking of following yr lead. X

  16. Bernard says:

    As an ever optimistic person by nature, I was very sure you would get it! But I was not totally sure the Chinese Embassy staff would know themselves that it was already written in the stars as something your guardian angels decided long ago it has to be granted!!!!

    BTW what looks like your half eaten elephant? I think you might have seen those of Chambery, “les 4 sans cul”, 2 forelegs each and head and trump and tusks, but for me I would prefer the tender meat of the buttock kept for the end !,278844.html

  17. Bernard says:

    By the way, will you now cross the Caspian Sea by boat?

    1. Peter Lloyd says:

      Hi Bernard, yes, we will try to cross the Caspian sea by boat. But nothing is certain…

  18. Sheena Murray says:

    Hi Chris and Pete, What a brilliant read, this needs to be published at the end of your amazing journey. Safe travels for the rest of your trip xxx

  19. David Nightingale says:

    Dear Chris and Pete,

    How could they have refused you ….. I’m sure you charmed them with ease!
    All the very best for the next part of your amazing adventure.
    David Nightingale

  20. Bob and Eeke van Gulik says:

    Dear Chris and Pete,
    The best travel story ever and getting more interesting now that you are in really foreign parts.
    Go safe, keep well and thank you.
    Bob and Eeke

  21. John Hopkins says:

    Excellent blogging and impressive photos-the whole thing is already a good travel book. Keep safe.
    Our new Fairtrade Directory is out — you are due to re- open the Old School House B and B in 2019 according to this publication!
    Best wishes,
    John and Dee

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